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About us

About Funq Wear

Funq Wear has been around since 2006 and has the roots in a degree project at the School of Textiles in Borås. The year was 2004 when the idea for the degree project appeared, to produce fashionable and colorful compression socks to increase the use of the younger generation in particular. A couple of years later Maud started her company, at home in the garage.

"What has been important since the start is to produce solid and sustainable products, where we use organic materials as far as possible. Products that speak for themselves and which we can be proud of. Sustainability is a key word on Funq Wear. Development and new ideas are created all the time-stay tuned for exciting news.

Funq Wear is designed with care and love, they are not only stylish to look at but also comfortable to wear. We spend a lot of time on quality and reinforcements. Our products are holding! If you have tried a pair of Funq Wear you will never stop.

By buying a pair of Funq Wear you also contribute to a little societal benefit that you can read about a little further down!

Welcome to Funq Wear!"

Maud Häggblad

Founder and CEO, FUNQ products AB

Idea becomes business 

It all started at the Textile School in Borås, Sweden. The year was 2004, when the idea of developing fashionable and colourful compression socks, to attract both mature, and younger consumers as well, was born.

After two years of market and product testing, in 2006 our brand was finally ready to take the next step, and FUNQ WEAR was started. products durability, quality and our new "look" was established, and we also decided to invest in our knitting machine.

After numerous quality testing and regulatory accreditations, our first knee high compression socks was created, today known as Organic Cotton MODERATE. Our first socks's logo, was hand-printed, packed and shipped right out of the garage in our home.

Our company's steady progression has lead to the addition of more support products, increased production capacity, a new office, warehouse and staff, as well as the export to the USA, which has put us on the map within the international market.

In 2010 was Funq Wear invited to take part in an ”Oscar’s Nominee Gift Bag” leading to tremendous celebrity and media exposure. Continuously new products have been added to the portfolio.

Funq Wear – The dream of social responsibility becomes a reality

Today, Funq Wear is more than just a brand of compression garments. As important as producing sustainable compression garments, it is to take a social responsibility and benefit at the social level.

Maud Häggblad, founder and CEO, has since young years dreamed of engaging in volunteering and helping vulnerable people. The dream has been waiting for itself and the idea was that, when the children are large, go out into the world and make a difference. To help people get into employment. But the opening came earlier and by chance.

Why wait for "then" and "where Far away"? Suddenly it was clear that dreams do not have to wait for themselves, they only need to be adjusted a little. Today the Funq Wear people who have a hard time getting out into the world of work. Through strong presence, clear goals and faith in each person's unique ability, we see an amazing development among our employees. Sometimes it gets a little wrong, and the customer may have to wait a bit. So get it, all we do wrong.

"It's great to see people develop and not least to develop myself together with the employees," says Maud Häggblad, founder and CEO

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  • 7-12 days shipping Worldwide
  • 30 day return policy
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